Christmas Tree – Symbol of Christmas

christmas-treeChristmas tree is associated with Christmas celebrations since many centuries. It is one of the most prominent visible symbols of Christmas celebrations all over the world.
Christmas trees, both natural and artificial are used almost every home and churches as a main part of Christmas decorations. Christmas trees are decorated at both indoor and outdoor with colorful lights and decorative ornaments.

Christmas tree decorations are originated from Germany and spread all over the world.
Christmas tree traditions differ in different countries according to the local traditions and believe.

Each part of the world people use a variety of decorative ornaments, symbols, accessories, lighting arrangement to decorate Christmas tree.

Christmas tree History

Germans introduced Christmas tree to the world in the 16th century. Other countries in the Europe such as Netherlands, France, Belgium were followed the footsteps and made Christmas tree as a part of Christmas traditions. However, Christmas trees were become very popular only with the wedding of Queen Victoria with German Price Albert.
The couple moved back to Briton after their marriage in order to raise their family. During Christmas festivals the Prince Albert decorated the palace and gardens with Christmas trees.
After this people in Briton started decorating Christmas trees in their homes and churches and adopted as a part of their Christmas celebrations. In the 17th century Christmas tree was spread to other part of the world as a result of British colonization.

Natural Christmas tree

Pine trees are used for decorations in many countries. People grow pine tree at their lawn or back yard for Christmas. During Christmas season these trees are decorated with flowers, lights, ornaments, stars and tree toppers. For indoor Christmas tree decorations they buy fresh natural or artificial trees in small sizes or miniatures.

These trees are available at forests and special forms that breed different kinds of pine trees. People buy freshly cut pine tree according to their required height and weight and bring to their home.

The tree is placed on tables or in a corner and decorates with colorful ornaments and other decorative items.