Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree DecorationsChristmas is a great occasion for festivity and celebrations bring families and friends together. People prepare for Christmas tree decorations in weeks head of the festival.
Christmas tree decorations are an integral part of Christmas deliverance since long period. People decorate Christmas trees both natural and artificial are decorated with various kinds of Christmas ornaments, stars, toys, candies, garlands, ribbons, bow and arrows, wreaths, twinkling lighting to give a magical touch.

Traditional Christmas tree decorations

Traditionally, Christmas trees decorations are done using number of materials. In the early stages Germans use fresh flowers, fruits and green leaves to decorate Christmas trees.
This type of decorations is nicked named as ‘German Christmas pickle’ decorations. Small candles were used to marks the stars. Then people started using artificial Christmas trees made from metals such as silver, aluminum and tinsel. There were lightweight materials and handling them is very easy.

Christmas trees were decorated with various colorful artificial decorative ornaments both home made and store bought as well.

Modern Christmas tree decorations

Invention of electricity and lighting technologies brought radical changes in Christmas tree decorations. Colorful lights were used in Christmas tree decorations. Today Christmas tree are decorated using various type of lights such as led lights, rope lights, net lights, icicle lights, etc.

There are flame-less candles that resembles the real candle but without with its side effects. Theme decoration is the newly evolved Christmas tree decorations and become popular at many countries.

Red and green colors are used widely in Christmas theme decorations. Red symbolizes the blood shedding of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion and green represents the evergreen tree that never dies even after the harsh winter.

Tips for decorating Christmas trees

– Maintain the tree fresh and evergreen by watering it regularly. A freshly cut tree should be watered immediately so that it is not become dry. A new tree will consume lot of water to keep it fresh for some time. Keep refilling water in regular intervals so that the tree remains fresh and green.

– While decorating your Christmas tree decorations, first install the lights first, then wreaths and garlands and ornaments in that order.
– Christmas lighting can add sparkle and glitter to your Christmas tree decorations. To make them attractive you need to arrange the lighting in the right manner.
LED lights are the ideal for Christmas decorations as they consume less power but give good attraction.

Rope lights can be wrapped around the branches to add a sparkling effect to your Christmas tree decorations.