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Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas Gift BasketsOne great way to give a thoughtful and personalized gift is to make Christmas gift baskets. These are great presents for friends, co-workers, your boss or just about anyone on your list. They can vary in size from small to elaborate and can be adjusted to fit any budget. The trick is to pick a theme for your basket and make sure all items fit within that theme.

With a little creativity, there is no end to the types of holiday gift baskets you can make.

For example, how about a spa themed gift basket for your girlfriend? You can make a relaxing package with bubble bath or mineral salts for soaking in the tub, essential oil and lavender lotion. Throw in a couple of scented candles, and maybe even a bottle of wine, top it off with a ribbon and viola! the perfect spa retreat without the spa price tag.

For the busy people in your life, put together a Make-A-Meal basket. An Italian theme is easy. Add a bag or two of pasta, a jar of gourmet pasta sauce, biscotti, olives, marinated artichoke hearts, a bar of dark chocolate and a bottle of red wine. You could even add a cook book so they can try out more recipes on their own.

Southwestern is always popular. Buy a variety of micro-made salsas and a bag of organic blue corn chips. Substitute a beautiful serving dish for the basket. Other ideas? How about some TexMex seasoning packets, or bottles of chili sauce, Mexican chocolate, even a bottle of tequila.

A less expensive Christmas gift basket can have a breakfast theme. A package of pancake mix, a small bottle of maple syrup, local jam or honey and you’re done. It’ll be a great weekend treat for the lucky recipient.

Now, holiday gift baskets don’t have to be food, they can be anything. Create a Movie Night basket with microwave popcorn, some Red Vines and candies, and a couple of the latest releases. Or, include some family classics. No matter what flick you pick, they’ll love the chance to enjoy an evening together.

A sports theme basket is quick and easy. The sky is the limit to what you could put in. Make a team basket with logo gear, or a stick to one sport like baseball. You could even include playing cards, or some tickets to a local game. Sports fans will love it!

Now you might be wondering how to put together your Christmas gift basket. Well, there is no wrong way. Visit your local craft store or order some inexpensive baskets on line. You can use tissue paper or even newspaper as stuffing. Arrange your items in a pretty fashion in the basket, making sure to display everything nicely. Gift cards or tickets can be put in an envelope to keep them secure. For an extra special display, you can wrap the whole thing up in clear cellophane, or just add a ribbon. Don’t forget a holiday greeting card so they will know who it is from.

You don’t have to use a basket, you can use colorful bags with bright tissue paper instead. Or use a serving dish, salad bowl or a planter instead of a basket, making the ‘gift-wrapping’ reusable!

One of the biggest advantages of giving holiday gift baskets is that they can be personalized for each recipient. The smallest and least expensive gift takes on a whole new light when put in a basket and wrapped with ribbon.

There’s no end to the Christmas gift baskets that you can put together. All it takes is a little creativity and a whole lot of fun. Your list will be complete in no time!!